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About the Comic

Hyena Bytes is a comic about life. It’s about being an artist in a world that doesn’t understand art. It’s about being animal people. Furries? Ew, but that’s what happens when you grow up on Disney and Don Bluth. Road Rovers taught us to be heroes, Balto taught us to overcome adversity, Graham Base taught us an abundance of alliteration always makes things better.  This comic just continues that tradition in it’s own strange way. Mostly it’s an experiment by the artist to explore themselves through art. Speaking of….

QC 2019-11-14.PNG

About the Artist

Shane is a drafter by day and tea fueled artist by night. Or weekends. Or while they are supposed to be working on architecture stuff. If that seems like a lot of drawing, you have to remember that a modern designer is basically just someone who is really really good at reading codes and filling out forms, all buildings look the same nowadays, which is why it helps to explore the world through art. Which brings us full circle,

since comics are a great way to do that. 

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